Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two of Us

Here are the fabrics I have selected for "Two of Us", the 2013 BOM at (TQS). I will be looking for more fabrics in the lighter shades of red violet. The red violet will appear in my quilt where the turquoise does in the TQS version.

Today I received an appliqued quilt back from the longarm quilter. The blocks are all hand appliqued and have an African theme. The pattern is "Leap Year in the Lowveld" from the book, "Quilts on Safari" by Jenny Williamson and Pat Parker.  The book is no longer in print, but copies appear from time to time on Amazon. Jane Coons, a talented longarm quilter in the St. Louis area, did a beautiful job of interpreting the individual blocks and making the quilt come alive. I will show a picture of the full quilt at a later date when the binding has been applied.


  1. a beautiful selection of colours I am envious when I see what others have in their fabric stash with just starting I have a limited supply. Advice Mary do you mostly buy fat quarters or what do you advise for me to increase what I have. I am coming round to the idea that plain fabrics have more use is this right? Maybe I will pose the question on my blog to get a range of ideas.
    the long arm quilted block looks great and I am sure we will be delighted with the full quilt when you have finished it.

  2. I usually buy half yard pieces. I don't find fat quarters very useful for much of anything, except applique. And frankly, I have enough fabric that I use leftovers from my stash for that. I throw interesting bits into a plastic bin labeled "Applique". I do not limit myself to plain fabrics. I am assuming that you mean tone on tones or solids. Nicely textured fabrics and interesting prints lend a bit of sparkle to a quilt. While quilt made entirely of solids can be stunning (Amish quilts, for example), I like some textural interest in most of what I make. Also I might buy just about anything if the price is right (i.e., cheap) and the quality is good. Then I will purchase 4-6 yds. and use for quilt backs, if nothing else. I know that fabric is much more expensive where you live (in England, I think?). Right now I am on a fabric diet, trying to use what I have on hand. It is having only marginal success, I might add.