Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sine Curve

While looking for a specific piece of orange fabric (which I never found), I began rummaging around in my plastic project boxes. This is where UFOs go to hide or die, as the case may be. I found this partially completed piece, dating from years ago when Louisa Smith held a workshop at our guild's "Under the Influence" retreat. She is the author of "Strips and Curves". We had the most fun making fabric strata and cutting them up into curved pieces akin to Drunkard's Path. Now the top is finished and will be quilted for entry into our guild show in March.

As regards the never-found orange fabric, tomorrow will necessitate a run out to one of the local quilt stores for a replacement.


  1. Mary I love the look of this quilt, the curves must have been quite a challenge, it is great.
    If you are like me you will find your orange fabric now you have been and bought more!! I waste so much time searching for things which are usually right in front of my eyes all the time.

  2. This is pretty gorgeous, Mary Ellen! I'm glad you're going to finish it.

    I agree with Margaret, too. You'll find that fabric in a couple of days now. :)

    1. I didn't find the fabric. I think there was only a small amount to start with and it was used up in the project. I am going to make a piped binding ala Ricky Tims. The project is a small 25 inch square piece that is my response to our guild president's challenge for the upcoming quilt show in March. is offering a free viewing to members through the end of March of Ricky Tims' DVD, "Grand Finale." The challenge is to use shades of gray and one bright color in a quilt. The perimeter is limited to 100". The gray binding will have just a tiny sliver of orange showing as the piping. If it turns out, that is.