Friday, January 4, 2013

Slow Progress

Although I have only been sewing on the Easy Street (no longer a) Mystery Quilt, progress has been slow. The blocks are 15 inches square and consist of 25 sub-blocks. It is very easy to get pieces turned around or upside down when sewing. I have been working with the block diagram at my elbow to try and head off some of the inevitable reverse sewing. This has only been a marginally successful strategy.

By the time a project gets to this stage, 99% of the fun and usefulness of the project is over for me. I like the design stage, but by now what is left are merely the mechanics of the process. I will not take this off the design wall until it's pieced, though, because if I do, it will become yet another UFO. I would like to have it done by next Friday to show at my guild's January meeting during show and tell. More fun stuff awaits once this behemoth is done. Some of what beckons is peeking out from under Easy Street.


  1. It looks great Mary Ellen! I found that if i pieced the blocks in 4 patch units (the corners), then the center vertically, and laid all of the pieced 4 patch units together in block form, it helped me keep it straight better. I am still in the process of piecing the top together, at least the blocks are done. Best wishes!

    1. I will try your idea. I have been piecing the blocks in rows of five units each. I am past the halfway point now, having finished the long diagonal center row.