Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ready for Celtic Solstice

It got painful watching the Red Sox spank the Cardinals (we have the World Series going on right now), so I retreated to my sewing room and pulled fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt - Celtic Solstice. The name is cool, her reasoning behind the color and name choices is wonderful, and I like the colors. There appears to be plenty of what I need in my stash, with the exception of neutrals. She is offering the mystery in two sizes this year - king-sized bed quilt and a smaller version 75" X 75". I will be making the smaller size.

The great thing about Bonnie's mystery quilts is that you can select your own color scheme. She advises selecting four colors that you like and which contrast each with the other no matter how they are combined. Throw in some neutrals or another color that will act as your neutral and which will also contrast well with the other four colors. Since I have no major objection to any of the four colors, I am  content to follow her lead.


  1. lovely selection of fabrics, will be watching to see how this mystery develops.

  2. Last night was so painful--I simply turned off the TV and went to bed! I look forward to watching your celtic solstice quilt journey unfold.

    1. The first clue rolls out on November 29, the day after Thanksgiving. I am going to try and watch the game tonight, I have some hand sewing to do.

  3. Your colors are spot on! I am still determining my color scheme....hmmmmmm

  4. Great that your stash has delivered for Celtic Solstice, look forward to seeing it develop.

  5. Thanks for getting a club for this set up for our guild. It's so much more fun in a group.

    Love your stash picks! Your quilt will still be unique even though you are choosing the same colors as Bonnie. I like her color scheme too, but it doesn't work with anything in my home. I might start with my bedroom wall color and go from there. Wish me luck!