Friday, October 11, 2013

Owen's Quilt

A young man of my acquaintance, Owen, died at far too young an age from cancer. His birthday was Halloween and he loved that this day was his birthday. I dedicated this quilt to him. It is a pattern by Verna Mosquera of Vintage Spool and was quilted by Sandi Wagner. It is hand appliqued with some embroidery accents. Here are a few closeups of blocks:


  1. so sad to lose a life when still young, I am sure he would be chuckling if he saw this quilt, the skeleton is amazing so much to see and giggle over on it.

    1. I so loved doing this quilt. You are right, It was a lot of fun. So now I am digging through my pattern files to find "Abundance", another of Verna Mosquera's designs.

  2. So sorry about your loss........what a beautiful way to celebrate a life though!