Friday, October 18, 2013

Fa La La La La!

Okay, this isn't Christmas-y, but I love old cemeteries and I found this photo on my camera this morning. When we had our guild retreat in early October, we walked out to a nearby historical cemetery where I snapped this shot. In honor of Halloween, I am posting it now.

Here is the the Christmas table runner I started at the same retreat. As you can see, it is a bargello pattern. Eventually it will have ornament appliques in the large black background spaces. It was going along swimmingly for the first four strips and then I wondered, "Why did the instructions have me cut the batting and backing so wide?" A closer look at the pattern showed me the error of my ways. I had left out two black strips in the strip sets and had already cut all the strips crosswise. There was plenty of the black fabric left (that should have been a clue - DUH!) and so now I am cutting little squares to add to the ends of each strip. Needless to say this is slowing things down considerably. That is the bad news. The good news is that I now have enough experience to have figured out what to do to correct my mistakes without throwing up my arms in disgust and relegating the project to the time out box.

Also on the to-do list for today is quilting the Zen Chic table runner from the last post. It is small enough and the quilting plan is simple enough, that an hour or two should see it quilted.


  1. good to see you could work out what had gone wrong on the cutting, as you say that comes with experience, I am not there yet!

    1. Yes, and now, as usual, having met the challenge, I am bored with the simple mechanics of finishing the project.

  2. I love old cemeteries, too!! And the table runner you are making is very pretty!