Thursday, October 3, 2013


As promised, here is the original Broad Arrow block from Grandmother's Choice:

I didn't make it exactly like the pattern on the GC blog. The lower right hand pink square is supposed to be the blue fabric, but it was so monolithic with just mostly one color, that I changed out one of the patches. But then, of course, it didn't look like a broad arrow. Here is the replacement:

I redrafted the block to consist of four smaller broad arrows and now you can actually see the arrow pattern.

What do you think of this floral fabric for a border? It is Phillip Jacobs' Grandi Flora. The colors work well with the rest of the blocks, although my husband says he finds all florals iffy. As a matter of fact, so do I except for the Kaffe and company florals, such as this one. I think the movement and texture of the floral works well as a counterpoint to the mostly linear blocks in the top. I am just about ready to order a couple of yards of this and welcome any comments.

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  1. great blocks and the swirly fabrics you have used, well I think I will have to keep my eyes open for some of them. The border fabric I like too, but unlike you I do like florals, have told myself no more though as I have plenty waiting to be used