Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Project

 I have started a new - and I hope, quick - project. I made half the blocks last night. Here is a sampling. The other half of the blocks will be white triangles with pink strips. It will be a baby quilt for my neighbor's new grandchild - a girl in case you couldn't guess. So far I have been able to work completely from my stash, although I may have to break down and buy some white fabric for the borders.

Tuesday evening my friends and I attended a meeting of Hearts 'n Hands quilt guild in O'Fallon, IL. Chris Moline, quilt historian and appraiser from Naperville, IL, presented a program of 200 years of quilt history. She brought with her a treasure trove of antique quilts from her private collection.

This is a closeup of the corner of a fabulous red and white quilt. It is hand quilted to within an inch of its life. Never heard of hand micro stippling? Here it is.

This quilt was made by a relative of Chris'. It is a cathedral windows quilt, although looks are deceiving. The woman who made it didn't like the way her joins looked, so she hand appliqued a one inch white square over each and every one. From a distance it appears to be colored squares of fabric with narrow white sashing, but close up you can see the detail. And, yes, it weighs a ton.

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  1. have not come across the quilt pattern you are working on at the moment, looks very nice and lovely colours for a baby. The cathedral window quilt is beautiful.