Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Glorious Baskets #1

Cleaning out - really more like just looking through - a drawer in my sewing room, I came across a pattern that I bought at least four years ago for embroidered blocks. There are 30 (yikes!) blocks in the pattern and all are different, yet follow the same theme of baskets filled with flowers. Normally I am not drawn to embroidered quilts because of a dislike of doing multiples of the same design. At one time redwork attracted me because of the variety of blocks in a quilt. The numbness of sticking to one color thread did me in, though.

These are supposed to be done in #5 perle cotton. I have a large amount (plastic milk crate full) of perle cotton purchased some time ago from a former guild member's estate sale. There is quite a bit of #5 perle cotton, but also other weights. I find that given a choice I would probably use #8 which is a bit finer than #5. If I have the thread in a color that is close to what is called for in the pattern, I will use it if it is #5 or #8 rather than trying to hunt down the absolutely correct color. The pattern calls for DMC brand and since I own nearly every color of DMC embroidery thread as well as the color chart, it is an easy enough matter to substitute. That said, does anyone have a good online source for DMC perle cotton? The local craft stores have a very limited amount of it and as it turns out (of course!) not one of the available colors except ecru, appears in this pattern. I can google a source but it is always better to have a recommendation from someone who has actually ordered from an online place.

My needlework path began with embroidery lessons from my godmother and aunt, Julie. My own mother never picked up a needle except out of necessity. This project kind of brings me back to those sweet summer days, stitching away on kitchen towels and pillow cases. The finished blocks will be set on point with sashing. I am hoping that a Kaffe Fassett floral jumps out at me and says, "I'm the one!"


  1. now this project really appeals to me being an embroiderer before I started patchwork. I also love working in perle cotton, I buy my DMC on line from who are always so helpful. Was very upset to find DMC have discontinued all but 2 of the varigated size 8 threads, think I will have to start buying Presencia which do a bigger range and carry the colours in a full range of 3,8,12 and 16`s. Hope yopu can find a local supplier but if not sewandso are very good.

  2. Nordic Needle will have what you want for sure. Recently, though I've bought a few things from, and I really like them. Better prices, better service, and a pretty deep catalog, although not quite the same focus as Nordic Needle.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks to both Monica and Margaret for the thread sources. I had totally forgotten about Nordic Needle since it has been so long since I did any kind of hand needlework, other than sewing on a binding. I used to get their catalogs way back when. I will also look at the UK site. Herrschner's has DMC perle cotton, but not all the colors.