Monday, July 29, 2013

Lazy Sunday Mystery Revealed

No photos this morning, just a written post. Quiltmaker magazine's September/October issue is out. At least the digital version is out, to which I have a subscription. That means the solution to the Bonnie Hunter Lazy Sunday mystery quilt has been revealed. True to form, Bonnie has managed to keep up the suspense to the very end. Also true to form, there is some work to be done in this last step before the top can be pieced together. The blocks all need sashing for one thing. Sashing that still has to be cut and sewn. The setting together of the blocks is nothing like I imagined.

On another note, the calendar at Bonnie's website indicates that she is booked until 2018. Sheesh. Chances of getting her to our guild in St. Louis seem pretty remote. Instead I have been analyzing her schedule to see if she gets within driving distance and writing off to various guilds to see if they have openings in the workshops. In 2014 Bonnie will be at guilds in Bloomingon, IL and Champagne/Urbana, IL. Both within easy driving distance of here. I have my fingers crossed.

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