Friday, July 12, 2013

Aunt Mary's Favorite

Grandmother's Choice BOW this time is Aunt Mary's Favorite. A simple block that lets the fabric do all the talkin'.

This evening is the July meeting of our guild, Thimble and Thread. We are playing bingo with fabric strips. Lots of prizes, fun, and socializing coming up.


  1. bingo with fabric strips that sounds interesting, are the prizes fabric, not sure how it works

    1. There are different ways to play fabric bingo. One way is to have everyone bring a bingo card that they made from fabrics designate ahead of time. For example, each "card" would have a blue batik, striped fabric, dotted fabric, red check, etc. The "numbers" that are called out then follow the fabric types. I didn't think we would get a lot of participation if everyone had to make bingo cards. The guilds that do it this way collect all the cards at then end and sew them together into quilts for their charity projects.

      We used conventional cards and numbers. Participants brought 2.5" wide strips (same as in a jelly roll)and used then to "ante" up the pot for each game. Winner takes all the strips. Since we had over 90 members playing last night, the winners got more than enough fabric strips to be able to make a quilt from their winnings. We usually had multiple winners each game, too, so more people got to win. I had prepared 20+ door prizes as well and we selected one or two winners every round of bingo. So, plenty of chances to win. We had a really fun time and lots of members came up to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed it.

  2. We did fat quarter bingo too last year, and it was very popular. Some of our quilters are quite competitive!

    I love the fabric in the corners of your block. You have really shown it off well!