Saturday, December 17, 2016

En Provence Clue #4

Clue #4 of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence Mystery Quilt is finished. Again, it was a relatively easy task to make 80 triangle-in-a-square blocks using the Tri-Recs set of rulers. Visit Monday Mystery Link-Up to see all the other possibilities!

I am on to finishing another baby quilt for a local organization and my guild's January optional block, which is a snowman!

Update: Finished Snowman block.

Third baby rail fence quilt with African fabrics. This is it, folks. I used up every block I cut except for one. Close enough. Quilted, labeled, bound. Done!

As I write this update on Monday, December 19, it is 3 degrees outside. I was hoping for a white Christmas, but guess what? The predicted temperature for Sunday is 66 degrees. No white Christmas this year.


  1. Zoom! I love all your purples, you have a great set of fabrics for this quilt. I have decided to wait on this step and see the reveal before I commit with my scant white fabrics. I kind of wish I'd gone all scrappy -- it's been so easy this time that I'd be caught up for sure!

  2. looking good I am saving the instructions till we have them all then decide whether to have a go or not

  3. Be glad you are where it is warm! It is 10 degrees here. Good stay inside and sew weather!

  4. Whoosh - you were fast with those triangles!
    That snowman is adorable. 8)

  5. Way to keep up with the clues ME! Love the little snowman block, and you certainly have cranked out some cool baby quilts lately! Merry Christmas!