Friday, December 9, 2016

African Baby Quilt

I made this African themed baby quilt in just a few hours last night and this morning. It's made using Sujata Shah's free cutting technique. It's not very baby-ish, but there is only so much pastel I can do.

Tonight is our guild's Christmas party, so no sewing on Bonnie's mystery quilt for me today. But tomorrow? That is another story.


  1. speedy you are wold have taken me ages. I am saving the mystery quilt and maybe tackle it when I have all the instructions but allready put off by all those little squares1

  2. Love this! I came looking for a photo of your argyle quilt that you displayed last night. I really loved it, too, and wanted to get another look.

  3. I think the simple graphics are just right for a baby!

    Yesterday I sorted through my En Provence greens (sub for purple), and today I plan to make a start!