Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vintage Bow Tie Quilt

Several years ago, I bought two vintage quilt tops off eBay. This is one of them that I "rescued." It was quite dirty, although otherwise well-pieced. It is pieced by hand but I added the blue border and the outermost white one by machine. I spent several hours yesterday and today pressing it and marking it for the church hand quilting group that will quilt it for me in several weeks' time.


  1. a very good find on ebay, what joy to have hand quilters at the local Church to help with the quilting

  2. This will be really lovely hand quilted. What a great find!

    Marking quilts is now my least favourite part of the process. What a pain! But I'm sure the result will be worth it. Can't wait to see it!

    1. I will ask the ladies to quilt around the bow ties in the white portions of each block and then to do the same for the colored patches, except for the small square forming the knot of the ties. Those will not need marking. An "X" will be quilted across the white squares, except for three which will have bird outlines. There is a zig zag pattern in the outer border.The marking didn't take too long. What was a pain was pressing the patches so that the seams were consistent. I was not successful in all cases.

  3. Beautiful--great fabric for the border!