Friday, August 23, 2013


Lazy Sunday mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. The green and white half square triangle borders are completed. Today I will sew them on. I have the outermost border, portion seen below, partially made and hope to finish them today. Maybe this will be finished by tomorrow!


  1. That third purple fabric from the left is one of the few purples I have too! There is not much left now. :)

    I really like the yellows in this quilt, btw. I always think yellow adds some sunshine!

    1. I believe the purple fabric is from a line by Piece O' Cake. I have a chunk left, so I will check the selvage. I sewed on all four of the green borders, but sewed the top one on upside down so the that green is next to the body of the quilt instead of the white. I just decided to go with it and also sewed the bottom border on the same (wrong) way. Now that it is back up on the design wall, I don't think it looks as good as I thought. Some reverse sewing is in order this afternoon.

    2. Oh dear! Hopefully no lasting harm was done. I think I got that purple fabric in a 30's FQ sampler, so it is interesting that it may be from Piece O'Cake.

  2. you have stitched this so quickly, I know when I return tomorrow it will be complete and looking wonderful