Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Improvisational Piecing

I took a class with Jacquie Gering of Tallgrass Prairie last month. The class was on improvisational piecing and based loosely on the traditional log cabin block. This is my completed project. It is hanging over another piece on the design wall, which shadows through on the left side. Anyway, some blocks I would do over if I were so inclined, which I am not. By the time the ninth block was made, it was time to move on. Some energetic quilting will provide surface interest in the large white areas. I tried one of each of the styles that Jacquie showed us, including tunnel, corner logs, courthouse steps, and "anything goes."

Later today several of us will be making a trip to Batiks Plus. Severe restraint will be needed.


  1. I really like this improvised quilt, a good way of using up scraps maybe

    1. I am really hoping that the quilting will help. Lots of white space that needs something. Scraps are useful, but you use more fabric than you think with improvisational piecing because you add, subtract, cut off, and change as you go along.

  2. I hope you did not break the bank at the store, Mary Ellen!

    I like your modern quilt. For me, the challenge is definitely the quilting on modern quilts. Enough so, that it has been putting me off a bit. My quilting skills aren't there yet!