Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gerda Bengtsson

This counted cross stitch project, started probably back in the late 70s/early 80s, is from a booklet of patterns by Gerda Bengtsson, a Danish needlework designer. I can date it to that era because it was when I was living and working in California and I can recall going to Solvang more than once back then.

The fiber used is Danish Flower Thread and when this project was uncovered in the great garage clean out a few months back, all the thread needed, as well as the partially completed project, was in the original bag from Thumbelina Needlework in Solvang, CA. The chart is who knows where and that is the reason this remains unfinished. A google search turned up sources for Bengtsson's patterns, now out of print. They are on the way to me. Another pleasant surprise is that Danish Flower Thread is still available. I love the internet!

What is attractive to me about Bengtsson's patterns is that they are realistic without being overdone or "cute-ified." When the patterns come, this project will finally be completed.


  1. it is lovely when we come across something like this and so glad you will be able to complete it. I have lots of DMC flower thread which I managed to get before it was discontinued, of course when I want a specific colour I have not got it so will look into Danish flower threads, should not buy more really as I have far more than I can use in this lifetime!

    1. I only recently became aware that DMC had ever made flower thread. It apparently came and went unnoticed by me. I like the Danish brand - the thread is somewhat more matte than regular embroidery thread and does not need to be separated. Very nice and smooth product.