Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Organizing

I resisted the urge to run out to Target today to look for a pre-lit Christmas tree on sale. More junk to store I thought. I have two artificial trees that never got put up this year, so what is the point really? One of the trees is a small skinny 4-foot artificial tree that in years past was decorated with woodsy ornaments and placed in the front entryway. It will become the regular tree on a small table in the future.

After lunch, I put together this organizer that was on sale last week at Michael's. The drawers will hold the  strips that are being cut up from "discarded" fabric following the closet reorganization of November.

At the rate things are going, several of these organizers will be needed. The plan is to use the strips in pineapple blocks and other scrappy projects. In furtherance of that goal, two more pineapple blocks were added to the first one on the design wall.

The original one is looking less homely now that it has company. Repeat ad infinitum.............


  1. wow that is some kind of flying system you have bought I want it!!
    My daughters bought me 3 templates, jelly pointer, jelly monster and pinwheel magic, the first two are for using with jelly rolls so hoping inspiration is about to flow. They are new to England have come form Australia and were demonstrated by our famous quilter Jennie Rayment who does things on the create and craft tv channel

  2. Unless they are on sale, I have stopped buying jelly rolls. When I figured out the amount of fabric you actually get, it came out to about 50% more per yard of fabric. I realize that you are paying for the variety, but seriously, with so much fabric in my closet, it's like carrying coals to Newcastle. On one of the rolls I purchased, it indicates on the label that the strips are hand cut and therefore they might not conform exactly to the 2.5 inch width. Hey, what? Paying 50% more and then they aren't even accurate? There are many great patterns for using jelly rolls, though. Many of the fabric companies have loads of free patterns, too.

    1. I can see what you mean about the jelly rolls but i am very much a learner and fumbling around at the moment, I am sure seeing all your creativity is going to be a great help