Monday, December 31, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Yes, it is snowing very nicely at the moment. I am snug and warm in my sewing den. Bonnie Hunter has posted another clue this morning on her Easy Street mystery quilt. We are beginning to build units for the big finale, which posts tomorrow. What a way to end the year! Here is what the units look like that we are making today.

Before Christmas I made funky chicken pin cushions from a pattern that has been languishing in a drawer for several years. The pattern is  Pollo Loco by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.. I haven't been able to show them sooner because our little social group did not meet to exchange Christmas gifts until yesterday. You never know who is lurking in blogland.

The chickens are made from orphan blocks and are filled with crushed walnut shells. The walnut shells are easily available in pet stores, where they are marketed as litter for reptile cages. This is a much better use, in my opinion. I really like using walnut shells instead of batting. The pincushions are nice and weighty with the shells as filling and it also holds pins well, too. The combs and tails are made from fun fur yarn or shredded fabric strips in the case of the checkerboard chicken. Fun fur makes fabulous combs and tails, but a word of warning - it makes a big mess all over your sewing area. Have the vacuum at the ready.

Last, but not least, I have been plugging away at the pineapple blocks, made using Gyleen Fitzgerald's Pineapple Tool. These are easy to make and turn out very accurately using this ruler. Unfortunately it seems to be making no dent whatsoever in the scrap pile.


  1. your chickens are so cute, love the idea of walnut shells, do not think they have them in pet shops here in England but will ask at our pet shop, I bet I get startled looks!!Your mystery quilt is coming along well and tomorrow you will reveal it in all its glory, look forward to seeing it.

  2. I have a similar chicken pincushion that I bought to support Quilts of Valour at a recent show. It is filled with rice, and very useful. Not as fancy as yours, though!

    I think I can see where Easy Street is going with these photos. I hope you are sewing up a storm today! Happy new year!