Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Grandmother's Choice: Mother's Delight

I have pretty much completed Christmas cookie baking. All the presents were wrapped last night. My daughter and her significant other are coming for dinner tonight, but until then, I hope to have some time to sew. Here are my helpers.


Mickey , resting after the battle of the batting scraps


  1. Isn't Jade gorgeous with that stripe down her nose! Happy Christmas to you all!

    1. I always that she was kind of odd looking. I got her from a no-kill shelter when she was well over a year old. She was very stand offish and I thought, if I don't take her, no one will with her odd looks nad aloof personality. Well, her looks have grown on me. I was always a sucker for a tortoise shell cat since my first kitten as a five year old. She is no longer aloof. but a very sweet kittie.

  2. your two cats look so much at home, especially Mickey being where he should not be!! My 2 daughters have each brought their cat`s with them for a couple of days, they are not getting on well together, should be okay as they are mother and son, never mind I am a cat lover and it is lovely to have them here along with the 2 daughters and my granddaughter. Now 7am wonder how long before they wake up, probably about 10am, one cat up though and keeping me company. Love the Grandmother`a choice block both the design and the fabric you have used