Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

My favorite (so far) Halloween quilt. It is named "Owen's Quilt" in honor of a favorite young man whose birthday is Halloween.

While on retreat, I finally finished this quilt top. All it needed was the final border. Guess this tells you how much I hate sewing on borders, huh? I can't lay my hands on the book at the moment (imagine that), but will post the name of the pattern when I find it. It's done in modern Christmas fabrics.

The day lily wall hanging has also been completed. Now it goes into the pile "to be quilted someday."

Last but not least, two veggie blocks are finished and the third one started for the kitchen wall hanging. Both the lilies and the veggies are patterns by Ruth McDowell. I would have been well advised to have made the corn block larger. Both for aesthetic reasons and for ease of piecing. It's giving me fits. Lots of steam being applied.


  1. scarry quilt! your day lillies are beautiful. Veg looks complicated and trust you will be sharing a finished Christmas quilt before the 25th december 2014.

    1. Margaret, don't hold your breath on the Christmas quilt. I have two quilts for that season that are completed. One usually spends the holidays decorating my mother's apartment. I doubt I will get this one finished for this year's holiday.The corn block is finished but I should have enlarged the pattern more than the directions suggested. Both for ease of construction and to make it more in proportion with the other veggies. Working on a pumpkin block now. I thought this would be a three block wall hanging, but it is way too small, so more blocks are being made.

  2. Both your Ruth McDowell projects are spectacular, Mary Ellen. You almost inspire me to look at them again. Then again...maybe I will just live vicariously through you! Love the indigo backgrounds too, they set the brights off beautifully. Onwards!

  3. Look at you go ME! Wonderful eye candy!