Friday, November 7, 2014

Plugging Away at the Lady

I have been plugging away, slowly but surely, on this Ricky Tims' project, Lady of Shallott. It is a Rhapsody  design, for those who are familiar with this aspect of Ricky's work. It is a slow process because the double blanket stitch around the appliqued pieces cannot be done quickly - at least not by  me.

I am learning a lot and hope to design my own Rhapsody quilt one day, I have an inspiration photo taken at the Russian Chapel in Darmstadt, Germany several years ago when my husband and I visited the site.

This is a lovely gem of a chapel, built by the German royal cousins of the Tsar and Tsarina of Russia. Tzarina Alexandra was a native of Germany and she used this chapel when she visited her family in Germany. The chapel has beautiful tile work under the gold decoration at the top of the walls. Turquoise is a prominent color, Directly beneath the turquoise tile work are half moon "lunas" with more detailed tile work. A close up of one of the lunas, taken by my husband with a telephoto lens, is my inspiration for the applique that I hope to incorporate one day in my own Rhapsody quilt.

You can read about the chapel here.


  1. Well, that double blanket stitch looks wonderful, so it is well worth the time! I imagine it looks even better in real life. I guess there will be a lot more of it, too, unless there will be other stitches on some of the other applique still to come. Hang in there!

  2. this is lovely, I do enjoy hand stitching so relaxing. Can see you will have a real work of art when you use the chapel for inspiration for your own design

  3. The double blanket stitch is beautiful. I like the colour of thread you have chosen to use against the purple fabric. Is that hand stitched?

    1. Oh, heavens, no. This is fusible applique that is machine stitched with a double blanket stitch. I do a fair amount of hand stitching - needle turn applique, embroidery, and english paper piecing - but this is totally done with the machine.