Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting Help with the Scraps

This is my very discriminating helper, Charley. He is a very affectionate feline and loves to roll around in the scraps. I had dumped out a bag of strips, scraps, and crumbs on to the floor as I dug around for small bits for a new applique project. My daughter's dog went home today after 9 days of dog sitting. I think Charley is just so happy to see the back end of that canine for awhile that he was rolling in ecstasy in the fabric scraps. Our other feline, Mickey, aka "Mr. Excitement" (due to his predilection for bringing live prey into the house), made friends with Striker. I wouldn't exactly call it a love affair, but they got along. Charley not so much.


  1. Charley looks so at home amongst your scraps

  2. LOL! In some photos like this the cat looks rather guilty, but not Charley! He looks very happy indeed. What a fun addition to your household he's been!