Monday, February 10, 2014

Feel the Love

The February block at  Hexie Blog is - no surprise - a heart. Now ordinarily no heart would ever appear in anything I make. My mantra is "no hearts, angels, unicorns, or fairies." However, this one I will allow this one time only because 1. it's made from hexies for crying out loud and 2. the elongated shape is kinda cool and 3. if I don't use it, then I have to think up something else for this month and I am lazy. It is not yet sewn to the background and, as a matter of fact, the papers and basting stitches haven't been removed either. All to be done this evening. The Olympics are on, after all, so there is plenty of time to stitch along with the skiers and skaters and curlers.

Here it is again with January's block. And, Lori, yes, I have started a page in my quilt notebook for this project. The process of documenting my quilts is actually more fun than I had anticipated.


  1. a great heart Mary, I have my papers cut and fabric so will get on with mine this week

  2. Love your blocks, Mary! ---and glad to hear you are keeping up with your notebook! I'm checking notebooks...