Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fooling Around

I have taken out my Grandmother's Choice blocks, cleared the design wall, and begun the laborious task of figuring out how to set them. I have decided on an on-point setting and here is the first very rough stab at figuring things out. I messed around in EQ to try and get some idea of where I was heading. The setting squares will be half and quarter square triangle blocks, shaded in rows of color radiating out from the center. The colors are obviously going to be different than the schematic below, but the diagram does keep me on track figuring out how much of each patch I need for each row.

1 comment:

  1. envy comes to mind with your EQ, a friend in London has it and when visiting she showed me what it can do, in my dreams I have one of my own. The design is looking good, setting on points works very well,with the speed you work at no doubt it will be finished very soon and on your blog for us to all wow at.