Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Burg Frankenstein

I attended a wedding at Burg Frankenstein, near the town of Bensheim, Germany, on Saturday. The sign above reads "Please do not disturb, we are marrying!" The tiny chapel holds 40 and dates to the Middle Ages.  

Here is a photo of the altar, prepared for the wedding.

This is one of the old grave sites at the back of the church.
Sorry about the quality of the photos, but I do not have access to my normal software which can correct for lighting issues.

The outside of the castle, showing the defense tower.

The bride arrived in this 50s era pink Cadillac, driven by a man channeling Elvis.

The outside of the chapel.

Leaving the premises with a look up to the castle ruins. The red and blue sign means "No Parking" (Parken Verboten).

Today I took the streetcar to Weinheim, a 45 minute trip north from Heidelberg, to a botanical garden pretty much unknown except to the locals. It was fantastic and I have SO many photos from this afternoon, but knowing that most folks do not go gaga over rudbeckia, cosmos, hakonechloa, and other botanical oddities, I will refrain from posting them. 

A quick thundershower had us running for cover to a cafe in the Marktplatz where we waited out the storm over cappucinos and pflaumkuchen (plum cake with streusel topping). I exercised restrain in not ordering the cake "mit Schlag", that is to say, I didn't get it with whipped cream.


  1. Love the photos--especially the garden pic (I'm a garden junkie too). Oh, and you have to get the cake mit Schlag--that's the best part!

  2. I think we would all love to see those garden photos, Mary Ellen! This one is beautiful. It is funny too, because I am working on a Swiss-designed embroidery project right now that looks just like that! I will try to post something about it soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. Hi Mary Ellen. Lucky you to be in Heidelberg for a wedding. It looks completely and utterly charming. As it happens, I also was invited to a wedding in Heidelberg this weekend, but alas, I won't be there. (sigh!) Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I hope you post more photos.

  4. Hello Mary Ellen,

    Long live the newly weds!
    What a gorgeous garden. Don't hesitate to post photos of rudbeckias. You might end up making quilts based on your pictures...


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