Monday, September 2, 2013

Basket #5

Another basket done in the Glorious Basket series. Not a lot of quilting going on here as I prepare for a trip. I also bought a Nook for the trip and have found it to be a serious time waster. Once I get it configured the way I want it and learn about all its features, though, maybe that will change. Unfortunately I have discovered Words with Friends. Ay, yi, yi, as Desi used to say. In any event I can stay in touch, post to this blog, read books, do crosswords, and keep up with world events with this new tool. So as not to neglect sewing while away, I have made a small sewing kit to take along, following this tutorial:


  1. a very pretty basket. Have a good trip, not sure what a nook is that you have bought but if it keeps you in touch it is a good thing to have

    1. Nook is Barnes and Noble's (US book store) answer to Amazon's Kindle. It's a reading tablet with internet capabilities.

  2. It's coming along well! I hope you enjoy your trip. :)