Monday, May 27, 2013

Grandmother's Choice: Endless Stairs

The Grandmother's Choice block this week is "Endless Stairs" and here's mine.

This Memorial Day has been very productive for me. I am getting caught up with Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday mystery quilt, making 24 of the yellow, orange, and turquoise blocks of step 3. When that task is complete, cutting begins for two quilts to take with me to retreat next weekend.

It's a four day retreat! I haven't been on a commercially sponsored retreat in several years. Usually they are only over a weekend, beginning on Friday and ending on Sunday. With all the stuff you have to haul to a retreat, what amounts to a day and a half of sewing time doesn't seem worth it. For me, it usually goes something like this: arrivie Friday, set up, eat lunch, and  finally get to sit down and sew on Friday afternoon; eat dinner, sew an hour or two after dinner. Saturday is pretty much all day sewing. Sunday: breakfast, show and tell, pack up to be ready to leave directly after lunch. This time we arrive Friday in the morning and don't have to leave until Monday afternoon.

Have to figure out how to get my Bernina sewing chair into the car. Four days of sitting and sewing is too long to use a metal folding chair. The last time this happened, I could barely sit or walk afterwards and could not sit and sew at all for longer than 15 minutes. That was when I bought the Bernina chair. It was worth every penny and I have never had any pain while sewing since then.


  1. once more a good block and one that even I could try.
    Your sewing retreat sounds wonderful, have a lovely time and look to seeing your new quilts when you come home

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Having the time away from household obligations, phone, television, etc. is a very nice luxury.

    2. Margaret, if you want to try this one, the block is 8.5 inches with seam allowance to make an 8" finished block. Each patch in the block is a rectangle 4.5" X 2.5".