Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two more Log Cabin Blocks

Two more folded log cabin blocks done! These are beginning to be a bit addictive.


  1. I love that first one! It looks fun to try all those variations.

  2. two more gretat blocks, as you know I am new to patchwork and thought the log cabins would be one of the easiest blocks to do but having tried I am not so sure as my seams were not spot on and they show up even more than on a more complicated block.

    1. One thing about log cabin blocks - sometimes you will read that you should just sew a strip down and then cut it to length. This is not a good technique. The strips should be precut to each size needed, according to pattern instructions, and then sewn on. The block will be less wonky that way. Same reason that you measure, then cut and sewn on borders and sashing rather than taking long strips, sewing them on, and cutting them off to length after sewing. Edges can stretch and this method helps to prevent that. Perfection is a great goal, Margaret, but none of us ever achieves it. Don't fret, you will get better. Learn from your mistakes and HAVE FUN.