Monday, March 18, 2013

Seven Pointed Star

Grandmother's Choice this week is a seven pointed star for Australia. Can't say this is one of my better efforts. I should have starched the heck out of the fabrics BEFORE using them. This is a Kaffe stripe and the background is a Kaffe shot cotton. Really, folks, it does look a little better in person. All the colors are a bit brighter. When I tried to lighten it a bit with software, it just washed everything out.

This past weekend our guild held their biennial quilt show. By all measures it was a success, even though we won't have a financial report for a bit. Attendance was up by at least 10% over past years. Saturday was  International Quilt Day and Sunday was St. Patrick's Day, so maybe the two combined gave us a bit of extra luck. Ricky Tims generously allowed us to display five of his quilts, one of which will be sent on to Paducah for the April show. It was great to see his quilts up close and be able to study all the intricate detail. He may tout his "Caveman Quilting", but none of that was in evidence this weekend.

Four couples that quilt together were featured in the show also. Even though I know all eight of them, it was fun and enlightening to see their work displayed in this way.


  1. Sounds like a fun show! I would love to see some of Ricky's quilts up close.

    I can see that was a tricky block! Probably the Kaffe yarn dyes didn't help matters. They are so soft! But pretty...

    Often with photo software you'll want to increase the contrast as you increase the brightness. You may also want to increase the saturation. It takes some fiddling to find what combination works best for each situation.

    I hope you'll post photos of your quilt show quilts too!

  2. Making a block with strips cannot have been easy but this has worked so very well, I rather like the sort of muddy look of the fabrics.
    Any chance of some photos of the show from last weekend?