Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I recently took a workshop with a guild member who does fantastic applique quilts. He wants to pass on his techniques to others and I jumped at the chance to learn from him. I have tried several methods of applique but have settled in with simple needle turn applique. I like that it is simple to do and does not require a lot of preparation work. This is a block from a pattern based on William Morris by Michelle Hill. I have only two blocks left to do after completing this one last night. This block was done using needle turn, but I will try the last two blocks with the newly learned methods from the workshop. It involves a fair amount of preparation work, being a riff on the template and starch method. This will reinforce what I learned at the workshop.

Welcome aboard to Christine, the latest blog follower!


  1. Your applique is beautiful, Mary Ellen! Happy Valentine's day to you too!

  2. Hello Mary Ellen,

    Lovely appliqué! William Morris designs always flow beautifully.