Monday, February 4, 2013

Grandmother's Choice: Girl's Joy

This week, Barbara Brackman's block for Grandmother's Choice was Girl's Joy. I had a scrap of striped fabric that needed to be used. Necessity is really the mother of invention. Yesterday evening Sine Curve finally was finished with application of the border.


  1. Your sine curve quilt is really stunning! Great design, great colours. I anticipate a lot of compliments for that one!

  2. I so agree love the sine curve quilt Mary, the block is also great, stripped fabric needs more planning I think as the strips need to be so straight,yours are so accurate will take a while before I venture into strips!

    1. You might be surprised about strip piecing. It is the easiest of all piecing, being just straight lines. If you think there will be a problem, a bit of spray starch will help.