Thursday, January 19, 2017

And Then There Was a Baby Quilt

A day spent with other guild members doing some scrappy foundation piecing resulted in this small baby quilt for a local organization. I used up a chunk of fabric that has been lurking in my stash since my early days of quilting. How do I know this?  One of the corners was notched to indicate it had been washed. A procedure I know longer bother with. Neither the washing nor the notching.  There wasn't enough of it, hence the different colored piece in the center. Once it's quilted with orange (?) thread, it is not going to be greatly noticeable. I hope.

I am making the 2017 BOM, Halo Medallion, designed by the late Sue Garman for Due to not taking the photo straight and some over cropping to compensate, some of the star points have been nipped off. In real life, they are all there with a quarter inch of background around them to spare. The paper piecing was straightforward, but there were 19 sections to sew together after paper piecing and I sweat bullets to get the pieces to line up nicely. Not perfect, but I can live with it.


  1. likin the baby quilt what a good way to use up little scraps, block looks so good I will tackle FPPing soon well at least before the end of the year hopefully

  2. It looks intentional to have the lighter fabric in the middle of the baby quilt, so that's what I would say! Your halo medallion is gorgeous, I love those colours! You're off to a great start.