Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Seeing Red

Almost there. This little string quilt lacks just one lonely block. I made the right number, but in trimming them up, I grabbed two blocks instead of one and whacked away with the rotary cutter. I did this once before and thought that I had learned my lesson. Obviously not. When i get a moment I will make the last one.

Tomorrow I will be working on our guild's 2017 raffle quilt. Four of us worked on it today and got the first skinny 1/2" border sewn on. The next border is 3" wide and has a row of hexies appliqued down the middle of it. It will require some finagling to get it to fit the existing top. Perhaps I am a bit cocky after my success with "My Blue Heaven" putting on a pieced border, but I volunteered to do this. Nothing will be cut and nothing will be machine sewn; I will be marking with chalk and only hand basting the borders until certain that everything fits. Guild meeting is Friday evening and we want to have the top out for display to show our progress. Wish me luck.


  1. whoops I accidently did the same trimming a block not realising another was underneath. Blocks look good and the guild project sounds really interesting

    1. Let'stand hope that I don'the do this a third time!

  2. Yes, good luck with that border! And sorry about the string block -- not a lot of sewing, but a hassle to get it all out again, I imagine!