Friday, June 17, 2016

In the Pink

Small string quilt #6 completed! Easy as these are, I want to try something different. If I can find the roll of adding machine tape that a friend gave me some time back, I will cut 36"strips and make long string pieces. They will be sewn with strips of whole fabric in between to make small coin quilts. Crazy Mom has a tutorial on her blog if you are not familiar with the pattern. If I can't find the roll of paper tape, I will use more of the telephone book pages and sew the sections together.

I have started a new baby quilt for a friend's grandson; no pattern but the one I have made up. There are a number of these X and O quilts on the web. The blocks finish at 8" and are made with a stitch and flip process that yields a lot of "bonus triangles."

These small pinwheel blocks finish at 2.5" although from the comparable size of the photos it's hard to tell the actual size until they are placed side by side.

The little pinwheels will go into a doll-sized quilt for another little girl.

Next week I will be in Hamilton, MO at Missouri Star Quilt Company for a Featherweight maintenance class. Inasmuch as I have two Featherweights and a Singer 301, I am eager to learn more about these machines. 


  1. your pink strips quilt is so colourful very nice and liking thew baby quilt too the mini pinwheels will make a lovely doll quilt. Have a good time learning more about the featherweight I too have one and should use it more than I do

  2. I have been getting the emails about Missouri Star's Grand Re-Opening, so I'm sure it will be interesting to see. Maybe you can take some photos? They have introduced a good flat rate to Canada, so I've become a fan!

    Love your X's and O's -- great colours, and such effective blocks. Enjoy your week!