Monday, December 28, 2015

Allietare, Step 5

I made hedgie pincushions for the ladies in my Tuesday morning breakfast and quilting group. I am pleased with how they turned out and everyone seemed to like theirs, too. It's a free pattern available at

This Singer Featherweight was gifted to me on Christmas by my sister, Chris. She inherited it from her mother-in-law, Lillian. I have named it Lillian in her honor and memory. My brother-in-law has fond memories of his mother sewing costumes on this machine for a local fund-raising event. I oiled and cleaned her but she was in pretty good condition and sewed a beautiful stitch right out of the box. Her serial number is AH651382, which places her manufacture date in June 1948. Singer has taken down the page on their web site with this information. To date this or other machines, ISMACS is your best bet. The web site also features many manuals for vintage machines which they offer as free downloads.

Lastly I have been plugging away on step 5 of Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Winter Mystery Quilt. This week was supposed to be an easy one with no cutting required. We are sewing together pieces previously cut and sewn from earlier steps. I have not been able to get in a full day of sewing since Saturday, when the clue was posted. It seems that it is requiring two attempts to get anything close to correctly sewn once. This despite my efforts to very carefully cut and sew previous steps. There are 36 sewn units shown above. Ten more are laid out on my sewing table and were to be done this morning. It is now nearly 10:30 a.m. and not one stitch has been sewn. Our car has an appointment at the dealer for a recall. It's "supposed" to take only an hour. We will see. There may or may not be time for more sewing today.

To see how everyone else is flying along on this project, click on over to Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 5.


  1. Your hedgies are awfully cute :-)
    A featherweight? What a fantastic gift!!! It was sweet of you to name her after the mother in law, and nice that your brother in law has such fond memories :-)
    Happy New Year ~ Tracy

  2. Love the hedge hogs. I'm the third family member in our family to give a loving home to my feather weight. Can't beat em.

    1. How cool to have that kind of history for your Featherweight! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. And that should be "pincushions"--blasted autocorrect! :)

  4. must check out the hedgehog tutorial, will keep my chicken company!
    Glad you like the featherwieght, I emailed singer with mY number and they got back to me, mine is 21 september 1948 so a little younger than yours. I am thrilled with the extra straight seams it sews. Have NAMed her Pearl, after the song pearl the singer!

  5. Aww what sweet little hedgies - they're adorable!

  6. Those bright hedgies are going to enlight many a sewing evening. Enjoy your new toy (FW)!

  7. I downloaded that hedgie tutorial too. You have already made some! They are so cute. :D

    I think I've decided that grey is going be best for Allietare. Your pieces look great! I've been using 3 pins for the final join on each set. So far, so good!

  8. Cute pincushions, and a great gift idea.