Sunday, July 12, 2015

Folk Art Flag

Yesterday Jim Gatling held a workshop for our guild, "Folk Art Flags.' This is mine. I used tumbler shapes to make the stripes because I have tumblers on the brain thanks to Bonnie Hunter (see sidebar on right). Also the most recent copy of Block magazine published by Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a patriotic quilt on the cover made from tumblers. I used a technique learned in a Bonnie Hunter workshop last year to make the wonky star. Jim's technique for making fabric from strips was put to good use to make the blue background for the star.

I consider myself to be an intermediate piecer, with over nearly two decades of quilting under my belt. Nonetheless, I take almost every class that my guild offers, plus ones from other guilds when they have room and the subject matter appeals to me. It is a good thing to have as many tools in your tool belt as possible. I have learned something in every single one, Even if it's things I will never do!


  1. Your tumbler flag looks really great ME! I love your thirst for knowledge!

  2. the tumbler block works so well on this quilt, a quilt with the tumbler is on my to do list. Do not think we get the magazine over here,

    1. I like the movement the tumbler blocks give it. Too bad you csn't get Block magazine there. It's got nice but fairly simple patterns snd no advertising.