Monday, March 16, 2015

Cultural Fusion

I started a Rail Fence quilt using the techniques outlined in Sujata Shah's book, "Cultural Fusion." The blocks are cut free form with a mat and rotary cutter, but no ruler. I went a bit wild with the middle block in the second row. It's not necessary to go that wonky to get an organic feel to the block. Lesson learned.

The quilt in her book has 36 blocks, each 16" square. It is a pretty large quilt and since I really don't need one that big, I will be scaling back on the size. I am thinking of 20 blocks, 4 X 5,  which comes out to 64" by 80". That's a nice couch size.

It's very freeing to just play with color and texture and not have to worry about being too too precise - a welcome release after working on more demanding projects.It pulls me into the sewing room every day, even though I need to be quilting Kaleidostar and cleaning up the perennial beds in the yard.


  1. Your fabric stash is amazing!!!! Personally, I love how organic you got with that center really adds to the randomness of the zig zag pattern.

  2. Then again, I do think the middle block and the upper right block are my favourites. I've liked every variation of this quilt that I've seen, so I know this one will be wonderful too!

    1. Well, then, the ayes have it! I will be more daring with the rotary cutter.