Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Hexie Block

Just in the nick of time, the May hexie block is finished. I will probably embroider antennae on it at some point, but I am counting this finished for now.

I have two other projects to show, but not just yet. Lazy Sunday, a Quiltmaker 2013  mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter, just came home from the longarm quilter, but is not yet bound. Soon. I am dithering over the binding. Purple would be a good choice, but if so, a fabric purchase is in the offing.The other project is in the final stages of piecing, so it will be ready for a photo op soon.

Today, however, more pressing matters are at hand. The washing machine crapped out last night. It needs a new belt as it's not spinning and it made an ominous noise yesterday just as the spin cycle began. But it has other issues, too, not the least of which is the incredibly slow rate at which the tub fills with water. We have very good water pressure here and have taken off the hoses to see if the small filters in the hoses were clogged. Negative on that idea. So off to the appliance store this morning. I have a new LG high efficiency top loader picked out. Not a big fan of the front loaders as they are too tall and I like to fold clothes across the tops of the washer and dryer. But definitely up for a new one as the old washer is 21+ years old! It doesn't have a delicate cycle, the ability to automatically add bleach or fabric softener, or to select a really small wash load size, so those are definitely on the wish list. Must be old age when a new washing machine makes you giddy.


  1. Great block ME! I wish I had the patience and dexterity for hand work! I do a lot of folding on top of my washer as well! Not to mention sorting of scraps and cutting on my accuquilt on top of my washer. You give me hope though if your's has lasted 21 years.......mine is 18 years old!

  2. pretty butterfly and like your background fabric, still not decided what to use for mine. Bad news re washing machine but 21 years is a good life, mine is 11 and still working well, it has a quilt in at the moment that I finished binding yesterday, just had a peep see the colour has run into the colour catchers and all the fabric had been pre washed, fingers crossed it is okay. here we have front loaders not top loaders.

    1. My laundry area is pretty small, so I was happy to find a high efficiency washer that is a top loader. There is not a lot of room to open the door on a front loader in my tiny space. When I was in Germany last year, I saw my friend's machine which both washes and dries. If you have a big family it might not be practical, but I would certainly consider buying it if it were available here.