Friday, January 24, 2014

Hexie Snowflake

Over at the hexie blog, I am following along with a year long project. Every month we will make a different block with hexies. January's block is a snowflake and here's mine. Not on its background fabric yet. I think that decision will have to wait until I see what  a few more look like. I am thinking about putting them on solid backgrounds in shades of gray. So the backgrounds would all be the same color, but scrappy.

Here is my progress on the baby quilt. Three more blocks to go and then sashing and borders. Yesterday I got nothing done. I was feeling under the weather and I went to ground with tea and books and a warm blanket. Seems to have helped as today was a much better day.


  1. good to here you are feeling better after a day of rest. Great snowflake, like you undecided about the background yet, are you going to make them half inch as well? Baby quilt really appeals, anything in green gets my vote so fresh looking

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better. This dratted cold winter!

    But, these green and white blocks are so pretty. It is a fun pattern! Your snowflake looks great too. It looks like some tricky applique, though...