Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Look Who I Saw Today

Do you know who this quilting personality is? Ricky Tims and the rest of the crew from the Route 66 bus tour stopped in at the Quilted Fox this morning. They are on a bus tour from Chicago to Los Angeles following the old Route 66 ("Get your kicks on Route 66!"). The tour is a Jim West travel opportunity and Jim was on hand this morning as well as Justin Schultz, Ricky's partner. Ricky wanted everyone on the tour to meet his mentor, award-winning quilter, Suzanne Marshal, who was on hand to meet and greet, show off her quilts, and sign her books.

I had seriously thought about going on this tour. Around the time it was first announced last year I was newly retired and trying to figure out what I was doing and where I was going. Jim promised that he will run this tour again in a couple of years so there will be a future opportunity available.


  1. I've driven a good bit of Route 66...really a slice of Americana! Would be fun...

    1. I think I have been on most all of it because as a child my parents took us on long car trips out west. This was before the interstate highway system was completed. We especially loved portions of the road that dipped and rose with the contours of the land. Dad would drive especially fast so that our stomachs dropped with the dips of the road. All of the drama disappeared with the interstate system, which smoothed all of those lows and highs out.

  2. LOL, we did the same "rollercoasters" on drives up north from here. Those roads are still plenty hilly! Especially through and around Algonquin Park. But the traffic is a lot heavier these days. :(

    I'm sure that any tour that Ricky is a part of would be a blast!