Sunday, April 21, 2024


I am beyond frustrated at this point. I want to print out a pattern that I bought and saved on my phone. I would like to have the pattern in a reasonable size to keep beside my sewing machine as I cut and assemble. My laptop has developed a problem with the appearance of video content, making it next to impossible to see anything clearly on the screen. It is only two years old, but was a cheap purchase. I ordered and received a new Acer laptop yesterday and finally have it set up. I want to use Google Chrome as my default browser, but Microsoft wants me to use Edge. I like Chrome and have it used it for years with no problems. I had to Google how to get around Microsoft to be able to download and use Chrome. Everything seems to be working now. 

 Printing was a problem on my desktop computer. Sometimes it would print and other times not. The desktop is probably 10 years old and the printer drivers are not being updated any longer. Printer software is notoriously unstable and the ones on the desktop are no doubt corrupted to some extent. I can print with an HP app from my phone but that can take some time as the file circulates through the internet before winding up as a signal that will print. It is finally done printing and I will be sitting at my sewing machine soon. 

My back is all healed and the surgeon has said everything looks fine; no need to come back to see him again. I have gotten my quilting mojo back since it is now comfortable for me to sit and sew as long as I like and whenever I want. I have made six smallish quilt tops in the past week or so. They are crib or baby-sized and I can quilt them myself (nothing fancy, mind you) on my Bernina. Our guild supports two or three local organizations that love our quilts. These will go to them. Recently, in addition to quilt kits, our guild has supplied baggies of 49 five-inch squares of novelty print fabrics. Each one is different and make a very easy "I Spy" quilt for children. It is relaxing to sew these squares together into a quilt top, not worrying about what fabric goes next to anything. 

My niece recently gave birth to a little boy - two months early which left me flat-footed as I had planned to make this quilt for her. I am starting it today or tomorrow. I only recently  received the back ground fabric I needed - Essex linen in light gray.

This is a photo taken by a friend. I thought it would make a good art type quilt.

This is a very simple baby quilt made with 5" squares.

Another simple quilt made with 5" charm squares. For one who has said she didn't use precuts I find that I have a lot of charm squares - 5" and mini 2.5" ones. I am starting to use them now that I realize how many of the darn tings I have; they give a quick start to a baby quilt. Already cut and coordinated, they need only the inspiration for a decent setting and some alternate squares of sashing from jelly rolls.

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