Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Two Borders Down, Two to Go!

Two borders are finished and attached with two more to go before this quilt top can be considered finished. This is Bonnie Hunter's 2018 winter mystery, Good Fortune. I changed up the colors to make this a Christmas themed quilt. I don't think it comes across as such. Yellow for Bonnie's orange and light green for her green; dark green for her blue. I think the yellow and light green are too wimpy to carry the design well. The ones that I like the best have very distinctive color choices. That said, it is what it is. I was able to keep up with all the clues and will have a completed quilt to gift or donate.

Others have posted their progress at Mystery Monday Link-Up, Reveal 2!


  1. At first glance I don't see this as Christmas-y either - sorry your choices didn't work the way you intended!

  2. Your blocks look like sunflowers! Very nice colorway.

  3. It looks good! To me it looks more like spring than Christmas, but it looks very happy.