Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Day

A quick post before we head out for the family Thanksgiving dinner. This quilt is finally finished and destined for Home Sweet Home, a local charity that provides furniture and soft furnishings for people moving into proper living quarters from homelessness. The pattern is Criss Cross Applesauce and can be found here.

The pattern uses a layer cake bundle. I had one on hand from Kate Spain so that is what I used. The problem was that there were many large patterned floral fabrics in the bundle which did not make for a very calm quilt. I added some Kaffe aboriginal dot fabrics to try and tone things down a bit. I am not all that enamored of this quilt and added the black and white border because I felt it needed something a bit less colorful somewhere. That said, a local speaker we had at guild last year absolutely loved it. Go figure.

I quilted it using rulers. I cannot say that ruler work is fun or even particularly accurate. At least in my case. I found it very difficult to get consistent results. And it was very tiring trying to keep the ruler and the quilt moving in unison. My hat off to those that have mastered it. I much prefer free motion quilting even with the less than stellar results I produce.


  1. I agree - ruler work is a challenge and I prefer liberated free motion!

  2. Kudos for trying ruler work, no matter the consistency (or lack thereof!) It's a colorful quilt that will sure to please its new owner.