Sunday, February 12, 2017

Modern Broderie Perse

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take a workshop with the very talented (and local!) Casey York. Author of two books, her work in applique has a modern vibe rooted in the traditional. See some of her work here. Trained as an art historian, she brings a special perspective (no pun intended) to the quilt world. Besides talented, Casey is a wonderful teacher. Also she is cute as a button, which has nothing to do with anything. Just sayin'.

The workshop was my introduction to Broderie perse, a centuries old technique updated for today's aesthetic, tools and technology. This is my start on the project which I completed in the class. The center motif is already sewn down and I will be working today on sewing the motifs in the first completed corner. The background is a piece of pink Grunge and is cut approximately 42 inches square.

This type of work is where my :new" Bernina really shines. It takes the Superior Mono-poly without hesitation and I can also use it in the bobbin with absolutely no tension problems whatsoever.


  1. Oh, you are doing it by machine! That is interesting. Is it turned? I've decided I need to look into machine applique again. Anyway, I love that hot pink, and all your bright prints. Looking good!

    1. I don't think I mentioned it, but the appliqué pieces are all Kaffe. I decided they needed to come out to play.

  2. this is going to be very pretty did do a tiny peice when I did my city and guilds embroidery way back in the 90`s but seem to think we were made to do it by hand.