Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I had the most fantastic and inspiring three days at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She posted a video about the workshop on Double Wedding Ring Quilts at her blog.

My quilt has a Halloween theme and is almost all sewn together. At the bottom center of the quilt, the orange polka dot arc will be replaced with a cheddar and black striped arc to make the border uniform around the quilt.

If life had not intervened today, this would have been completely sewn together.  It will have a tiny purple flange all around the outside edge and will be sewn down onto a gray and black striped outer border. It will have to be mitered, which normally I avoid like the plague, but I don't want anything visually to mar the outer border, such as cornerstones, so I will suck it up and miter the border for the effect.

Victoria is an excellent teacher. if ever you have the opportunity to take a workshop with her, jump at the chance! The classroom at the Quilt Museum was excellent and overall the experience was 100% positive.


  1. I knew this must be your quilt when I watched Victoria's video. Congratulations, it is really gorgeous! And that stripe sounds perfect. And how wonderful to get it done so fast (well, almost done)!

    1. Thank you. Three days at Paducah is a good chunk of time. You can really be productive.