Monday, August 15, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

I have started (without much enthusiasm I must admit) a dorm quilt for my nephew who is off to college when he returns from a trip to California with his father and sister. I say with not much enthusiasm because the colors don't grab me. Black and gold are the colors of his chosen school, Missouri University at Columbia, known in these parts as "Mizzou." The fabrics are licensed Mizzou fabrics and the pattern will be a hounds-tooth check. It is easy enough to do, but for me, that is part of the problem. I like challenges.

I have jmped into Bonnie Hunter's 2016 leader/ender challenge. Only the orange center and surrounding row of neutrals are sewn together. I need a few more of the green blocks before adding them on. Then comes another round of neutral ones. I think the next color rows may be purple.

I have started a Fancy Forest baby quilt. This is a very popular pattern by Elizabeth Hartman; there are images all over the internet - Instagram, blogs, Pinterest, etc.There are lots of pieces in each block and following the directions can be challenging. There was a bit of reverse sewing involved, notably on Harriet Hedgehog. That said, so far the directions have been impeccable - correct to a "T". Any mishaps were due to operator error. There are two of every block, except for the fox, of which there are four. He is also the easiest to piece  So I am a bit more than halfway. Although the cutting can be a bit much, because it is challenging it holds my interest. However, I wouldn't want to make the entire large quilt which is four times the size of the baby quilt.


  1. I like your Fancy Forest a lot -- much nicer colours! The houndstooth will look great, so hopefully as it comes together you will be more motivated. Looks like you're keeping busy!

    1. Monica, I hope you are back to blogging soon. Summer will be over before you know it. Missed your posts.

  2. ME, I completely understand not "being into" a project, but, I have to admit, the Mizzou quilt will be really cool! Look at you go on those hourglass blocks! I would expect nothing less from you my dear!