Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dipping Into the String Pile (Again)!

Dipping into the blue and green drawers of my scrappy strings, I have begun a fourth string quilt for the babies' "tummy time" small quilts. Out guild is making as many of these 24" x 36" quilts as possible. They are kind of addictive. Being so small they almost sew themselves and are super easy to run through a domestic home sewing machine when it's time to quilt them.


  1. liking this, I have loads of strips from leftovers think I will sew them together, presume you join them up and then cut them will have a go and see what happens!

  2. I love all your bright greens and blues, Mary Ellen. I keep saying this, but they do really glow. And I have that green dahlia fabric that's in your "2B" block, and a couple of other places as well. I fussy cut some of it, and this looks like a good plan for the rest!

  3. Strings are awesome -- great colors!!!