Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dapper Canon Top Finished

Dapper Canon baby quilt top is finished. Now to sandwich and quilt. This afternoon I am meeting my daughter and two of her friends at the dressmaker's to pick up her wedding dress and learn how to bustle the train. Six days and counting!

Welcome to two new followers - Feathers in My Nest and Sujata!


  1. You're zooming right along! It will be done in no time.

    I bet today has been fun, with the wedding dress and all. Have a great week!

  2. liking the block you have used in this quilt. You must all be getting very excited for the wedding day fingers crossed the sun shines for you all

    1. Rain or shine, it will be a happy day. Going to Brooks Brothers Mens store today to get hubby a dress shirt.

  3. Thank you for the welcome! exciting, your Daughter getting married! so much to do!..your quilt top is Lovely.