Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Cottage Treadle

Spied by my "personal shopper" in a local resale shop. Can you guess what is inside?

A New Cottage (National Sewing Machine Co. badged machine). It's a treadle and I have been toying with the idea of jumping into the treadle community for awhile. Blame Bonnie Hunter! There is no belt attached, but when I turn the flywheel, everything moves very smoothly and quietly. It's a bit dirty, but not bad. Nothing that some oil and elbow grease won't fix. Here are the "irons":

I am going to go back today and investigate it further. It may be coming home with me.


  1. do hope you have bought it, Granny had a treadle and Dad made sails for his boat on it, was so disappointed when I returned to the UK after a spell in Australia to find he had disposed of it, loved using it.
    I have recently bought a singer featherweight which is idea for taking on the bus to group meetings etc

    1. Margaret, I am going today to take a second look. I also have a featherweight which I live and use exactly as you do!

  2. It certainly is pretty, and I like the cabinet too. It would be nice to see it cleaned up and put to use. I hope the price is right!